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Coffee Roaster
DMCC is looking to hire a Coffee Roaster who will be the DMCC Coffee Centres’ expert on coffee production, responsible for quality and efficiency in roasting, blending and packaging of coffee, as well as providing green and roasted coffee analysis. More than simply executing the tasks of a roaster, the Coffee Roaster shall undertake the challenge of evaluating different coffees in the roasting and cupping process. This includes but not limited to developing blends, leading and assisting members in the acquisition and blending of green coffee, roasting and packaging, ensuring the highest quality through each step of the coffee production process, creation of concepts and bringing these concepts to life.
The responsibilities of the Coffee Roaster include the following:

• Set and manage the roasting schedule and work directly with the Production Supervisor to ensure the roasting schedule is adhered to and updated with any changes.
• Prepare green coffee and roasting software for daily roast activity.
• Set up and monitor each roast, making adjustments to roaster settings as needed to ensure roasting quality standards.
• Operate coffee roasters.
• Prepare various coffee blends according to established formulas.
• Roast and blend coffees following strict protocols for correct operation of roasting equipment.
• Conduct quality tests on all roasts using the Agtron roast analyser.
•Transfer roasted coffee to appropriate production station (bagging and grinding) to ensure efficient workflow.
• Set up machines (calibration, cleaning etc.) to start a production cycle. Control and adjust machine settings as needed.
• Ensure and maintain & clean roasting equipment and environment
• Coordinate with Production Supervisor to track and maintain inventory levels of roasted coffee as well as utilizing staff to accomplish all roasting needs.
• Serve as a resource for all coffee questions from customers, serving as an in-house expert.
• Provide expertise around product specifications, product origin and additional information.
• Help member companies roast samples and partake in cuppings related to their green coffee procurement program.
• The Coffee Roaster will also be responsible for engaging in and carrying out roasting experiments in cooperation with the Head of Coffee and Member companies.
• Follow Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines, OSHA Safety standards, and applicable health codes at all times.
• Check output to spot any machine-related mistakes or flaws.
• Fill and report records of approved and defective units or final products.
• Keep quality standards high and aim for continuous improvement.
• Manage work which requires standing and walking for extended periods of time - up to 8 to 12 hours, bending, stooping, and climbing, unassisted lifting up to 25 kilos and work in hot environment due to heat of roaster.

To be considered for this role, you will need to have:
• Q Grader Certification
• SCAA Certified (or equivalent)
• 3-4 years’ experience roasting coffee in production or retail environment required.
• Understanding of green bean processing
• Proven background in creating blends and original concepts
• Brambati experience highly desirable
• Cupping, tasting, and evaluating your work
• Excellent experience in understanding coffee beans, their origins and blending techniques.
• Complete knowledge of the entire roasting and packing process from start to finish.

The successful candidate will enjoy the following:
• Market competitive basic salary
• Housing allowance
• Transportation allowance
• Annual flight allowance
• Other alternative family benefits
• Company gratuity scheme that includes long term incentive plan
• Discretionary bonus schemes
• Generous annual leave
• Medical and life insurance cover
• Free covered parking
• Retail discounts with over 450 outlets across JLT.

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